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Our readership continues to grow and is now well into the tens of thousands of like-minded investors. This is a testament to the quality of deal flow our team at Viral Stocks has continued to uncover. Our proven formula of backing the right teams, the right assets at the right time continues to pay off for all of our members.

Recent Examples:

Lithium X (TSX.V – LIX) at $0.15, which is now trading for over $2.30 only 11 months later. Gains of approx 1,600%.

Winston Gold Mining (CSE – WGC) at $0.15, which has hit a high of $0.64 just months after we profiled it. Gains of over 400%

Emblem Corp (TSX.V – EMC)¬†at $2.99 a few weeks ago, and has now hit a high of over $4.46. That’s a 50% gain in just a few weeks!

Plus many more!

Our unique formula for selecting public companies is a closely guarded secret and has made our members very happy. We take our time with our picks and promise not to flood your inbox or share your information

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